Shorthand Notation for Model A

It can be time-consuming when writing Socionics articles and saying "Leading Extroverted Ethics" every single time. For this reason, I have put together a shorthand system, as used by members of World Socionics Society.


Information Metabolism Elements a.k.a. 'IMEs'
Extroverted Intuition = "Intueor" or "Ideas" = I = :I:
Introverted Intuition = "Tempus" or "Time" = T = :T:
Extroverted Sensation = "Factor" or "Force" = F = :F:
Introverted Sensation = "Sensus" or "Senses" = S = :S:
Extroverted Ethics = "Emoveo" or "Emotions" = E = :E:
Introverted Ethics = "Relatio" or "Relations" = R = :R:
Extroverted Logic = "Profiteor" or "Pragmatism" = P = :P:
Introverted Logic = "Lex" or "Laws" = L = :L:

Functions of Model A
Leading Function = 1
Creative Function = 2
Role Function = 3
Vulnerable Function (PoLR) = 4
Suggestive Function (DS) = 5
Mobilising Function (HA) = 6
Ignoring Function = 7
Demonstrative Function = 8

An IM Element, x in a Function, y of Model A is represented in Shorthand Notation thus: xy
A series of Shorthand Notations can be represented thus: xy, xy, xy....

Introverted Logic in the Mobilising Function would be represented as L6.
Extroverted Intuition in the Creative Function would be represented as I2.
The complete Model A for an ILE would be I1, L2, F3, R4, S5, E6, T7, P8.