About Us


What is Socionics?

Socionics is a theory of personality type, developed from the work of Carl Jung and the idea that people differ in how they convert information into their motivations, decisions and behaviours. According to the theory, a person can be 1 of 16 different types, which vary considerably in their strengths and values.

Our Approach

We like to focus on 'Classical Socionics', i.e. the core elements of the theory based around some basic information & function dichotomies, Model A and the Quadras.

We also take a 'pre-scientific' approach to the theory, being aware of the pitfalls of testing methods and avoiding dubious techniques like visual identification, preferring to focus on what people actually do and say.

Who We Are

We are an international organisation dedicated to the further development of Socionics and its proliferation across the globe, fostering a large online community and hosting real-life meetups in London, New York and Berlin.

Founded in 2014 by British socionist, Jack Oliver Aaron, the World Socionics Society has grown into a significant presence online with our 2,000+ member Facebook group, our YouTube channel, and informative Blog.

We have pursued a range of different projects, from international offline meetups around the world, a benchmark of famous, historical and fictional type examples, and a team of experts with the experience necessary to work out someone's Socionics type.

Key People

Founder - Jack Oliver Aaron

Software Manager - Aleesha Lowry

Graphic Designer - Andrew Joynton

Get Involved

If you want to join the World Socionics Society, why not sign up on our Forum?

If you would like to find out your Socionics type, feel free to browse our Services page and request a diagnostic interview at a time that suits you.