Socionics Consultations 

If you need help working out your Socionics type, want to learn more about the theory, or feel you could benefit from personal coaching in your working or personal life, feel free to book a session with socionist and business psychologist, Jack.

Full list of services listed below:

Socionics Type Diagnostic Interview

1 hour • £50

Would you like to find out your Socionics type? If so, book a diagnostic interview with Jack over Skype to find out.

Socionics Lessons

1 hour • £50 per hour

Have tailored one-on-one training in Socionics, starting at the level you are comfortable with and working up to full knowledge of classical Socionics theory and being able to type other people.

One-on-One Q&A

1 hour • £35

You probably have lots of questions about Socionics. An hour-long Skype session during which you can ask anything Socionics-related is a valuable way to have those questions answered all at once.

Personal Coaching

1 hour • £75 per hour and a half

You may be having some issues in your life, whether that is finding a career that is meaningful to you, or getting past an obstacle in your relationships, or anything else. Whatever difficulties you face, having someone to talk it through with may help. In the first session, I will be able to listen to the problems you have and, in follow-up sessions, utilise knowledge of Socionics and psychology in general to create strategies to solve these problems, while maintaining full confidentiality.

Socionics Diagnostic PREMIUM

1 hour • £130 for interview plus written report.

Same as regular Diagnostic Interview, only with a personalised written report, going through the whole of Model A for your type and how it relates to you personally.

For any and all of these services, please email and Jack will be in touch to schedule a consultation.